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Preparing and filing taxes is tedious and stressful. If you don't want to deal with the hassle, hire our professional tax preparation company. Classic Tax & Accounting CPA is a tax firm in Orlando, FL that can help with every detail of tax season. We'll make sure your current taxes are prepared and filed correctly and check over previous years to see if any mistakes were made.

With tax preparation services, you can make sure you're taking advantage of every potential credit or deduction. Our accountant will help you pay as little as possible and save money in the long run. Contact our tax preparation company today to get started.

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Tax preparation and accounting are important, especially when mistakes could cost you money. You can rest easy when you turn to Classic Tax & Accounting CPA because our accountant has a decade of experience with personal and business accounting. Our CPA also has a master's degree in accounting, so you can trust that we understand every aspect of finance.

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Set your business up for success

Proper business planning requires detailed and up-to-date books. If you need help tracking your company's finances, choose Classic Tax & Accounting CPA. We offer a variety of business accounting services, such as...

Bookkeeping services so you can track income and expenses and keep your ledgers accurate

Financial consulting services if you need help with anything from planning the growth of your company to preparing and releasing financial statements

Payroll services that will make it easy to pay your employees and file quarterly payroll taxes

You can partner with us to get the financial information you need without keeping an entire accounting department on staff. Find out more by calling our accounting and tax firm at 321-310-1298.